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Welcome to the official website of Motorräder aus Zschopau.

MZ's history dates back to pre-World War II days under the trademark DKW. In 1926, for the first time in the history of motorcycle construction, a mechanically driven assembly line is used for DKW. In 1928 with the production of 60,000 motorcycles „Zschopauer Motorenwerke J. S. Rassmussen AG" becomes the largest motorcycle factory in the world. 
In 1932 the founding of the AUTO UNION AG comprising the following companies: DKW, Horch, Wanderer, Audi. The factory was then dismantled as a consequence of World War II. In 1956, the trademark "MZ" (Motorradwerk Zschopau) is introduced for the Motorcycle   factory Zschopau.  In 1992, "Motorrad- und Zweiradwerk GmbH" is founded. 

Hong Leong Industries acquired 100% of Motorrad- und Zweiradwerk GmbH in 1 September 1996. The first plans were to develop 2 new engines and a range of motorcycles based on these engines. This included a 125cc 4-stroke engine and a larger capacity 4-stroke twin cycliner engine competing in the 750cc and above range of motorcycles. With these engines, MZ had the products to position itself and compete in over 70% of the German motorcycle markets.

In 2000, MZ has successfully developed and introduced the RT125, a 125cc liquid cooled motorcycle with the most up to date technology in Europe in February 2000. This motorcycle offered features that are technologically advanced to existing models of its class. Production commenced in April 2000. This smaller capacity engine has provided MZ with the capability and competitiveness to enter into emerging mass motorcycle-markets of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

In 2009, former Grand Prix stars Ralf Waldmann and Martin Wimmer together with his wife Dr. Martina Haeger buy the MZ motorcycle brand and found Motorenwerke Zschopau GmbH

In February 2012, the company gets into financial troubles.  
On May 17 2013, MZ is declared insolvent and unable to be continued.

MZ Motorrad Sdn Bhd (MZM) was set up in Year 2002 to assemble and distribute MZ bikes in Malaysia. MZM officially launched its first batch of models on 23 August 2002. Models available included the 125SX, 125SM, 125 Fun and the 750 watts foldable electric scooter, Charly. MZ then launched the Perintis 120S Classic wich was officially launched on 13 March 2003. MZ launched the Mantizz 125 on 27 July 2004. In December 2008 the production stops.

MZ motorcycles were sold in Europe, United Kingdom, United States, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia.

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